About Avante Surgical

Avante Surgical Partners, founded in 2008, is a multidisciplinary healthcare company with a focus on development and management company of outpatient surgical facilities. Our mission is to be the industry’s preferred surgical provider by delivering unparalleled service to our patients, physicians and partners, as well as specialized resources that enhance the healthcare communities we serve. We are making great strides in achieving the aforementioned by abiding by our Core Values.

Our Core Values

• Making customers our No. 1 priority.

• Providing superior service and patient care.

• Partnering with physicians with outstanding surgical training and reputations.

• Seeking out innovative and creative solutions.

• Focusing on integrity and trust.

• Empowering our employees at every level.

• Positively impacting those to whom we owe our success.

• Making a difference in the communities we serve.

Our Advantage

At Avante Surgical, we live by the motto, “If it’s good for our patients and physicians, it’s good for us.”

Our physicians are fully aligned with us and have a vested interest in providing the best quality and consistency of care—thereby ultimately benefiting our patients.

Our history of developing strong loyalties with our physicians is the cornerstone of our success.

We have a strategy that provides our physician partners with a significant financial advantage over other surgical models—one that has led to much higher partner returns than others
within the industry.

Meet Our Management Team


Lori Ramirez

Chief Excutive Officer & Founder

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Boyd Yarborough

President and Founder

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Abigail Berkman

Chief Development Officer

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Avante Surgical was founded by Lori Ramirez and Boyd Yarborough in 2008. Soon after Avante Surgical was founded, Patrick Kinder was added to the team. Together, they make up the core of Avante Surgical's leadership. Please click below to view the rest of Avante Surgical's corporate team.

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